Water meters, most houses have one. They can help you catch and remedy water loss and water waste.

Water meters, water loss, water waste

You can read the water meter to catch water loss and water waste.

Water meters are important to the inspection process. Water meters often have a small dial that spins or a digital display that indicates water flow. A water meter should not show water flow when all the fixtures and faucets in the home are shut off. A common point for water waste and water loss is at toilets. This loss adds up to wasted water and added living expenses. Toilet fill reservoir mechanisms often are not set up properly, or are old and have damage or run water into the toilet bowl continually. Some toilets have old, leaky flush valves that also cause the fill mechanism to run continually. Other possible causes of water loss that could make the water meter spin include leaks at the water supply lines, sprinkler system, connected appliances, and dripping faucets. If you have plumbing issues, it is a good idea to contact a reputable, licensed plumber who can repair the conditions.