As summer comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about cleaning your outdoor living spaces and preparing for the changing weather ahead. Storing and organizing your seasonal items will keep them in excellent condition and make it easier to access your belongings when warmer days return. Here are a few helpful tips to help you tackle end-of-summer cleaning and store your seasonal items safely.

Tips for End-of-Summer Cleaning

Clean and Dry Outdoor Furniture

Before storing the patio furniture, clean it well to remove dirt and debris. Use a mild soap and water solution to clean surfaces, and rinse them thoroughly. Let the furniture dry completely to prevent mold and mildew growth during storage.

End-of-Summer Cleaning: Check for Pests

Before storing items, especially wooden furniture, inspect them for signs of termites or other wood-destroying insects, spiders, and rodents. Look for chew marks, insect tunnels, droppings, or animal nests. If you find evidence of insects or rodents, take appropriate steps to eliminate them before storing your belongings.

Cushion Storage at the End of Summer

If your outdoor furniture has cushions, invest in storage containers to protect them during the off-season. Choose airtight, moisture-proof containers to keep cushions clean, dry, and free from potential damage caused by moisture and pests.

Clean the Grill

After a summer of heavy use, disconnect the propane tank and thoroughly clean the grill and BBQ utensils to remove grease and food residue.

Store Garden Tools and Equipment

As the gardening season winds down, clean and organize your gardening tools. Remove dirt and debris and store the tools in a shed, garage, or designated storage area. Maintaining the garden tools and equipment will keep them ready to use when the gardening season returns.

Organize the Pool Supplies While End-of-Summer Cleaning

Clean and store pool toys, floats, and accessories properly. Use labeled storage bins to keep your pool supplies organized and prevent clutter. Labeling boxes will make finding pool equipment and chemicals easy next season.

Properly Store Outdoor Decor

Carefully store outdoor decor, such as lanterns, string lights, and decorative accessories. Wrap lights carefully to prevent breakage and tangles. Package breakable items carefully, and make sure they are clean and dry before storing them in a designated container in the basement or garage.

Label Storage Containers During End-of-Summer Cleaning

Label the storage containers to identify their contents as you pack away seasonal items. Creating an inventory list will help you track what you have and where it’s stored. Next summer, you’ll know where to find tools, supplies, toys, and equipment and save money by not purchasing things you already own.

These end-of-summer cleaning and organizing tips keep your outdoor spaces tidy and well-maintained. Organizing seasonal items will protect them, help prepare your home for fall, and make it easier to find your belongings next year.

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