The Benefits of a Drone During a Home Inspection

Roof damage in a home is troublesome. The roof protects your property and belongings from the elements and it can be costly to repair. When purchasing a home, you can be better informed of roof issues. By hiring an inspector who uses drones in home inspections, you will learn about roofing problems before committing to buying the property.

‏Why Use Drones in Home Inspections?‏

The use of an aerial drone during a home inspection may seem unnecessary; after all, your inspector will walk the roof to look for problems. However, innovations in technology offer many benefits that can improve the experience of buying a home.

‏A drone gives the inspector and homebuyer a complete view of the home and property that was not possible in the past. While roof inspections are standard, home inspectors cannot always access every part of the roof and chimney. In homes with more complicated roof structures, including ones with steep slopes and hard-to-inspect architectural features, it can be dangerous for the inspector to get a thorough view of the roof and all of its components.‏

‏A drone allows the inspector to photography and inspect every part of the roof, taking pictures or videos of areas that would be difficult to inspect on foot. Drone footage gives the inspector and homebuyer a more complete view of what the home has to offer.

In addition to being a tool for a more complete roof inspection, a drone can provide a full aerial view of your land. This information is especially helpful if you haven’t been able to explore the entire property on foot. You will be able to see fence lines and trees and better understand the layout of the land.‏

Choose a Home Inspector with a Drone

Drones provide detailed photographic evidence of any problems or concerns. You aren’t relying on just the description the inspector gives and you will be able to see everything for yourself.‏ Your home inspector will provide a report and include pictures for reference. You can see any roofing defects and can better understand the issues and suggestions that were outlined in the inspection report.

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